Master Glazier Launch Event

In July 2017, AGGA awarded certificates to seven new Certified and Master Glaziers and announced the Viridian Trade Centre and GCS as Platinum sponsors of the Accredited Company Program.

The awards ceremony was held at the Viridian Trade Centre and was also an opportunity to launch the new Master Glazier Guide which provides comprehensive details on what is involved in being a Master Glazier.

Presenting the Master Glazier kits on the day, AGGA’s CEO Warren Overton highlighted how important it is for the industry to have people committed to staying on the front foot of their career by upskilling to advance their professional development.

Master Glazier is part of the Skills Pillar in the Accredited Company Program and has been driven by members desire to ensure the glass industry is keeping pace with other professional trades, with skilled workers at the heart of this change.

“Glazing is a technical trade and the skills and service we provide is what defines us as practitioners. Master Glazier provides opportunities for  technical training as well as guidance on the best staff management and financial management practices for our industry, positioning gradates to become better glaziers and better business managers,” adds Overton.

“Consumers depend on us to deliver a professional service that is backed by technical knowledge and expertise. By showing customers your Master Glazier status you have an immediate way of presenting yourself as an expert in your field,” adds Overton.

The purpose of the Master Glazier program is to help bring the glazing trade into line with other professional trades, providing a benchmark for quality and offering a clear pathway from Apprentice to Certified Glazier and Master Glazier.

In support Jamie White, Viridian’s National Consumables Manager, says, ‘Viridian believes glaziers with the dedication and skill to create great glass projects deserve recognition. They are the unsung heroes of our industry. 

The Master Glazier pathway is available to all active or in-training glaziers, whether they are employed by an AGGA member or a non-member company.

Glaziers must undertake a series of components for each level that demonstrate their skills, industry experience and areas of specialisation. They must also complete a work portfolio, conduct an interview with an AGGA State Assessor and continue CPD training each year to ensure successful completion of the program.

Commenting on his experience of the program, Reece van Vliet from Express Glass said: “I signed up to the program to be recognised in the industry at the highest order. For years I’ve been a Certificate III glazier and until now there was no room to progress any further. But with the program’s added levels of credentials, it was a great opportunity for me to achieve a point of difference in my career.”

Commenting on the program’s future, Overton says, “With 25 glaziers already recognised with either Certified or Master Glazier status and with many more completing their applications we are confident this initiative will help raise the bar on skills and training in our industry.”

“As the leading industry association, AGGA will be working hard to build on this foundation and taking every opportunity to ask glaziers if they are a Master Glazier and inviting them to sign up,” Overton added.

“Master Glazier enhances the professional opportunities available to glaziers, as well as delivering long term career benefits. AGGA are urging all industry practitioners who are not yet involved to talk to us about how we can help progress your career to the next level,” Overton concludes.

Are you a Master Glazier? For more information about AGGA’s Accredited Company  Program and Master Glazier, visit or call 03 8669 0170.