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Australia Leads the World in Glazier Training

The AGGA continues to promote our glazier qualification and delivery structures across the world. The National Glass Association of America and the South African Glass and Glazing Association have both adopted the AGGA online programs as the main delivery mechanism training glaziers. Discussions will occur with both Associations in 2017 around possible customisation and implementation of a Master Glazier program in each country.

AGGA was invited to attend Glasstech Asia 2016 where we were able to promote glazier training, the Master Glazier program and the Accredited Company Program - all of which were well received by glass associations from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

We have received applications from glaziers in Australia who are using overseas qualifications to meet the Master Glazier requirements. A full mapping program is underway for New Zealand flat glass qualification and the United Kingdom glass and glazing qualification, both of which will need to meet Australian requirements to be eligible for the Master Glazier program. For more information, email

Building Senate Inquiry Back On

Nick Xenophon, Senator for South Australia

With the inquiry being placed on hold just prior to last year's federal election, the Senate inquiry into nonconforming building materials is back on the agenda, with the reformed committee given until 25 May 2017 to make its report. 

The inquiry was originally proposed following an incident, where incorrect cladding had been installed to the facade of a Melbourne high-rise, contributing to a major fire taking hold of the Docklands residential building. The new inquiry has expanded their terms of reference to now include industry concerns relating to the illegal importation and use of asbestos in buildings.

The committee was originally expected to report by October 2015, but after a series of extensions, the inquiry was eventually put on hold in the lead-up to the election.

The AGGA has actively contributed to this inquiry over the past 12 months. We will continue to report back to members on all developments.


Sandra Entermann. Our first female Certified Glazier.


AGGA is pleased to announce our first female Certified Glazier on the AGGA Master Glazier program - Sandra Entermann.

It was never Sandra's intention to become a glazier. In 1993, after a week of orientation at Griffith University she took a gap year and after a short period of wondering what to do, commenced work to help her brother Gary in the office of the glass business he had just acquired. Sandra soon realised that she could be more use in the small business if she learned to cut glass. With a patient brother as a teacher, Sandra learned to respect the glass she worked with and so began a career spanning 23 years of learning with no stitches!

Always trying to help the business run more efficiently, Sandra finally decided to get certified when she discovered that prior learning counted and going to TAFE was not necessary. Sandra fully supports the AGGA Master Glazier program as she believes it will lift the profile of the industry to new entrants. She believes it also shows that glazing is a trade for females and one they can progress in by achieving this higher level status. Sandra will be including it in the next talk she gives to girls who are still at school about the opportunities for females in glazing.

To find out more about the Master Glazier program call 03 8669 0170 or email


Adam Roberts. First Indigenous Certified Glazier.

Adam Roberts is a member of the Baladung tribal community in Western Australia. He is also the first indigenous Glazier to achieve Certified Glazier status in the AGGA Master Glazier program. When his application was reviewed his references described Adam as having an awesome work ethic and great workmanship.

Adam's commitment to the glass industry goes all the way back to his grandfather, Les Dwyer, who passed on his passion for the industry to Adam's father who in turn passed on his commitment to Adam.

Indigenous recruitment into the glazing trade has increased over the last four years from 6 in 2012 to 35 in 2015. Adam believes that the glazing trade is very suitable for indigenous people as it involves hands-on work, working outside and changes from day-to-day.

Presently working for West Perth Glass and Aluminium Adams career started at the age of 18 with K and R Contracting for over 10 years and then West Perth Glass for 8 years as well as experience working for other Western Australia glazing companies.

He firmly believes that glazing is in his blood and being recognised by the industry as a Certified Glazier is one of the proudest achievements of his career. His goals are to follow in the footsteps of his family members, promote glazing to his Baladung community and to be the best Glazier he can possibly be.