Safety is a fundamental pillar of the AGWA Accredited Company Program. In today's business environment, a Safety Management System (SMS) is essential to confidently manage your organisation's workplace health and safety profile.

In order to reduce the worry of legal compliance and help you improve your organisation's Occupational Health and Safety performance, AGWA provides an SMS free of charge to members.

A Safety Management System provides:

  • Evidence that your organisation is legally compliant;
  • Reduced interruptions to business by ad-hoc reactive attempts at safety management;
  • Demonstrated due diligence on behalf of the organisation;
  • Reduced costs due to injury treatment, lost time injuries and insurance premiums; and,
  • Increased business opportunities.

The AGWA SMS is a solid structure built around the central SMS elements from the Standard AS/NZS 4801. It is simple to tailor to your organisation, and to implement, and is able to be developed to certification if required.

It is set out in 5 sections, each with easily manageable segments to download and complete, and includes guides and explanations.

AGWA's Safety Coordinator is available to provide support for any part of the process you require assistance with.

Participants in the AGWA Accredited Company Program must have an approved SMS in place by June 2018.

For your SMS to be approved by AGWA, you must:

  • Have an SMS that is certified to AS/NZS 4801: or
  • Have your own SMS validated against AGWA's audit criteria; or
  • Download AGWA's SMS, tailor it to your needs, and complete the self-assessment.

AGWA will review a sample group of self-assessments in order to validate results.
For more information, contact AGWA 03 8669 0170