The Glass & Aluminium Association of Queensland Inc. aims to promote, encourage and protect the trade and business interests of it's members who are engaged in manufacturing, selling or dealing in flat glass & aluminium building products. It also acts as a consultative and advisory body and collects, co-ordinates and expresses the views on all subjects and matters that may affect the glass and aluminium industry.

We aim to co-ordinate and assist with activities of all state chapters that are members of this association, and to arrange appropriate sub-committee meetings to discuss areas of concern. We promote efficiency, economy and improved conditions for it’s members in the glass & aluminium industry and provide a format for members to regularly meet for wide ranging discussions on all matters affecting the glass & aluminium industry. 

We promote and encourage uniformaity in the safety of glass and glazing within the industry and we provide industry delegates to attend appropriate meetings of Standards Australia. AGGA Queensland also provides a means of advocacy to Governments and related parties on behalf of the glass & aluminium industry in all matters, other than labour relations and import tariffs.

For more information contact:

E: gaaq@agga.asn.au

Ph: 07 3489 1900