AGWA Complaints Process

The AGWA plays an active role in ensuring that products and installations meet relevant Australian standards. The association will receive complaints from members, non-member industry professionals and consumers.

There are essentially two types of complaints:

Non-compliance/conformance – Whereby the installation of the glass itself does not meet the Australian Standard. These complaints primarily come from members or industry professionals who understand code requirements.

Workmanship/Service – Whereby the complainant is unhappy with the quality of the installation, or the service they have received. These complaints typically come from consumers.

If a complaint is about an AGWA member the association can take an active role in mediating the issue and potentially disciplining the member through suspension or expulsion from the association. If the complaint is against a non-member advice can still be provided on how to resolve the issue.

Lodging a complaint – non-compliance/conformance

A standard complaints form is available here.

AGWA encourages you to complete the form rather than just providing a verbal complaint. Certain information will be mandatory for AGWA to be able to process the compliant. Please note contact details will be kept in confidence.

Assessing a complaint

Each complaint is allocated to the state where the work is located. 

For more information contact AGWA 03 8669 0170