The AGWA Accredited Company Program has a number of compliance requirements that must be met by participants. These requirements ensure that companies are meeting all regulations and clients will have peace of mind.

Compliance Requirements

Glass Labelling

Labelling of glass is an important compliance aspect of AS/NZ 1288. AGWA has produced a range of glass labels for members to purchase that can be used on most types of glass. These labels include the company name and are only available to AGWA Members, so they also serve an important role in promoting AGWA Accreditation status.

Section 5 of AS 1288 requires that ALL safety glass is legibly marked in accordance with AS/NZS 2208. 

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If you are cutting safety glass that is already marked in accordance with AS/NZS2208 -1996 and
supplying to others to glaze.


If you are cutting safety glass that is already marked in accordance with AS/NZS2208-1996 and
glazing it in accordance with AS1288-2006.


Installed in accordance with AS1288 and to be used on all glass types (except safety glass – use
Label B) that has been selected and installed in accordance with AS1288-2006.

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Glazing Certificates

The AGWA Glazing Certificate is a central part of the Accredited Company Program. The certifcates will:

  • Be issued by Accredited Companies at the completion of jobs
  • Provide assurance that work complies with Standard AS/NZ 1288
  • Provide customers with a third party to mediate on complaints
  • Will be promoted to building certifiers, local government and consumers as the 'must-have' for all glazing work
  • Take less than a minute to issue via web, tablet or smartphone
  • Provide the option to store additional job data in your own job database

Accredited Companies will only be required to use the AGWA glazing certificate when a client requests a certificate. The online AGWA glazing certificate system is available only to Accredited Companies and provides a reputable glazing certificate that is backed by the association. The AGWA will mediate complaints in regards to projects with AGWA glazing certificates and ensure standards are adhered to. We encourage Accredited Companies to use the AGWA glazing certification system to reinforce your Accredited Company status.

A minimum 2 (two) year warranty must be provided on all work. This warranty should include assurance that all materials used meet relevant Australian Standards.
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All Accredited Companies will be required to have in place appropriate Public Liability insurance. Typically this provides coverage of at least $10 million.

AGWA has a partnership with AB Phillips who have developed an insurance product that is competitively priced and also provides a level of coverage not available elsewhere. Negotiations are also underway to offer premium discounts to companies who have met all of the requirements of the Accredited Company Program. 

For further information about the AB Phillips insurance offering email or call 1300 242 136 to speak to an AB Phillips representaative.

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