In an effort to promote and improve the quality of Insulating Glass Units being produced in the Australian market place, IGMA has instigated a quality approval program, known as “IGMAP”.

IGMAP is to be administered under two documents.


In addition to the requirement for compliance with AS/NZS 4666 through an independent third party auditing process, the “IGMAP Technical Requirements” document has been established to enable an approval pathway for elements and or aspects not covered or fully expanded upon by the AS/NZS 4666 standard.

It is intended that the “IGMAP Technical Requirements” document will be installed as a              referenced document in each Conformity Assessment Body’s (CAB’s) Technical Schedule and   would therefore also be made available (for a fee) to any non-IGMA member parties who wish to become accredited to the AS/NZS 4666 standard.


Given that the “IGMAP Technical Requirements” document will become a publicly and internationally available reference document, it stands as a separate document and will not refer to IGMA members in isolation. As such, the IGMAP Administration Guidelines have been introduced by IGMA to allow its Australian Manufacturing Members further guidelines and structural elements and procedures to :-

  • Establish and maintain a COMMITTEE and STRUCTURE to administer the IGMAP rules for Manufacturing Members.
  • Appoint an ADMINISTRATOR to administer the IGMAP technical requirements and guidelines.
  • Establish and maintain a APPROVED PRODUCTS DIRECTORY as a key component in an IGMA Marketing Plan where the accreditation status of the Manufacturing Members will be listed and to use this document, together with labels and/or other promotional material as a widely available marketing and quality attainment recognition tool.


Both the IGMAP Technical Requirements and IGMAP Administration Guidelines are the compulsory elements through which IGMA Manufacturing Members are able to demonstrate both ongoing compliance with the manufacturing sections of AS/NZS 4666, and the product range for which they have been accredited to produce.

IGMAP participants commit to all the requirements of the IGMAP TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS document in addition to those detailed within this Administration Guidelines document.


IGMAP participants agree to: -

  • Enter into a signed agreement with IGMAP, agreeing to comply with the program’s rules and conditions.
  • Authorise test laboratories to forward long term test result copies directly to the IGMAP administrator upon completion of tests.
  • Authorise their auditing body to forward audit report copies directly to the IGMAP administrator upon completion of audits.
  • Address any major non conformance (audit) issues immediately and advise the IGMAP administrator of both the course of action to correct and the completion date of the rectification.
  • Address any minor non-conformance (audit) issues within three months and advise the IGMAP administrator of both the course of action to correct and completion date of the rectification.
  • Agree to participate in the Approved Products Directory and use the IGMAP Marketing Program   principals to best promote their own products, whilst promoting the benefits and features of the IGMAP program.
  • Agree to purchase IGMAP labels and to apply same in accordance with the Program Participation Costs and Label Guidelines.