The Glass & Glazing Association of Victoria Incorporated (AGGA) has been formed to bring together for the benefit of the Australian Flat Glass Industry, representatives of the main groups in the industry viz glass merchants and glaziers, the local glass manufacturer, agents representing overseas glass manufacturers, industry suppliers and any other interested parties.

Our Mission

To have glass utilised as the prime building product, to achieve a dynamic architectural visual effect, while achieving maximum energy efficiency.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the Association, which is not for profit, are

  • To establish and maintain good relationship among its Members and to promote and protect their common business interests by all desirable and legitimate means.
  • To remove or prevent undesirable practices in the Industry.
  • To organise groups or sections of Members according to their requirements in the various branches of the Glass Industry, such groups or sections to be known as Sections of the Glass & Glazing Association Victoria Incorporated.
  • To foster and improve the relations of Members with other organisations having similar objects.
  • To make representations to Government Departments, Public Bodies and Commercial and Industrial Organisations on all matters affecting the interests of the Industry and to take any such action as may be deemed advisable from time to time with regard to legislation and all other questions affecting the Industry.
  • To collect, distribute and exchange information and views regarding Statistics, Credit Trading and any matter of common interest to Members and to advise on Trade matters affecting Members.
  • Generally, to watch over, care for and protect the interests of Members of the Victorian Glass Merchants’ Association Incorporated and to adjudicate upon any breaches /of the Association Rules or By-Laws as contained in its properly recorded Minutes and upon any dispute! between Members which may be governed by such Rules or By-Laws.